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Islam : The True Religion


"Islam: The True Religion of God"  Application Islam: The True Religion has been developed for Muslims and non-Muslims and is an excellent resource on Islam on your smartphone.
     Whether you want to learn about Islam, more information about Islam or simply wish to listen to the Quran, this app has it all.
     Read articles such as: What is Islam? Who is Allah?,Who is Muhammad "PBUH" ,The true religion of God, The rights of women, How convert to Islam, The miracles in the Quran.
    Listen to the Quran in Arabic or with translation into French or English.
    Watch movies and videos on the history of Islam or animated cartoon.
    Watch documentaries such as: #How The Bible led me to Islam, #How to pray, and much more.
     Listen to audio lectures on Prophet Muhammad "PBUH" life and the history of Islam.
                                                  Download the app and explore yourself.